A bond beyond business.

When we commit to working with you, our personal word/our honour rides on your success with us if it can be done (or can’t), we’ll tell you straight.

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The founding story.

After weeks of ‘maybes’ and ‘not quites’ there it was.

“The little girl turned round and headed back the way she’d come, past all the WONDROUS things she’d seen, and all the things she’d done”.

In 2016, while juggling bedtime stories and launching an agency, co-founders Ben and Sally Baker took the business name straight from their daughters’ story book. That little girl may have lost her name, but they had found theirs.

During its humble beginnings more than five years ago, Wondrous soon built up a reputation for fresh-thinking creative and content and within a few months had swapped the dining table for its first studio.

Where we are now.

5 years on and we’re a fast paced agency, motivated about creating brands and campaigns that bring out the best in people. Our team of pixel perfect designers, digital dynamos, content champions and marketing masters are bursting with ideas and excited by the opportunities technology is presenting.

Simple values.

Happy– we can’t be happy until every client and team member is happy. We take it personally because we put our hearts into it.
Ingenious – we believe in thinking and seeing differently.
Insight – we get inside your head and heart to reveal your company as you’ve never seen it before.
Excellence – no fluff, it’s systematic, we prove to you how our ideas have worked. That’s what keeps us part of your team.

How we help.

Think of us as your business buddy. With a Wondrous friendship you’ll have brand, creative, digital, motion and content all in one place. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, marketing director, property developer or fundraising coordinator, we’ll help you reach target audiences, create compelling content, and drive the leads and opportunities that will get results.

Why us?

We have been working with tech based companies since our start, it’s what we do and know. From Fintech Unicorns to new startups we have experience and knowledge to help you grow. We also partner with other tech companies to allow us to deliver the greatest, modern advantages to all our clients.

A bond beyond business for all clients, local or global. When we commit to working with you, our honour rides on your success. Get in touch, we’d love to hear your story.

Be Wondrous.
Blazing a trail to your brighter future.

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